Until When Again?

Hi there, we hope you’re safe and healthy!
With the Covid-19 situation going on right now, a lot has changed globally and for each and every one of us.

For us on Bonaire that means that flights and cruise ship travels to our island have been cancelled until ??? and that means that our main income source: the tourism sector has been halted. Many are worried about the global and local economy and our future, but many are also looking into ways to adapt to the current and future changes.

For us at Heritage Design Inn that means that our few rooms will be closed until further notice for tourism. So currently, we are looking for ways to use our empty rooms. Maybe in the near future they can be used as a long term housing option? We are looking into the possibilities of combining two of the smaller rooms into one studio with a built-in kitchenette as well, and keeping one room for lodging for travelers that want to visit our beloved Rincon.

If you have any other suggestions, or if you or someone you know of on Bonaire needs accommodation for long term: please send us a message on our Facebook page and we can discuss the possibilities.

We hope you’re taking the steps to stay healthy and to keep others healthy as well. And if the future permits, until soon-ish.
For now, a picture of a Bonairean enjoying being present in nature and its peace at Lac Bay- while social distancing 😉


Ruby & Farah

Lay Back at Lac Bay


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