Nearby attractions

Bonaire has a lot of hidden treasures. Our recommendations: 

Museum Chichi Tan (oldest house of Rincon)

Catholic Church

Protestant church

Lourdes Cave:

Mangazina di Rei Open air museum (illustrates Bonaire’s history):

AltaMira Unjo (observation point):

Plantation Karpata and shore diving spot:

Playa Frans:

Goto Lake (observation point):

Dos Pos (bird watching):

Echo Parrots and People (bird watching):

Para Mira (observation point)

Posada Altamira (restaurant):

Morotin Windpark:

Washington Slagbaai National Park and Museum:

Boka Slagbaai (beach and flamingo sanctuary):

Mount Brandaris (784ft-241m) highest peak on Bonaire, 45 minute hike:

Bronswinkel (birdwatching):

Playa Chikitu (a sandy beach, perfect for sunbathing and wading… not recommended to go swimming or snorkeling):

Wayaka (snorkel spot):

Aletta’s Goat Farm (a must):

Onima Indian Inscription:

Seru Largu (fantastic viewing of Kralendijk and Klein Bonaire):