A cute village, fairly untouched by the high speed world of today

Rincon is the oldest village of Bonaire in an inland valley at the north side of the island, a 15 minutes drive from the main town of Bonaire. A pretty interesting drive through a western landscape with beautiful rockery’s, thousands of cactuses and a rough sea.

With a population of only 1788, Rincon is one of those small villages that managed to stay fairly untouched by the high speed world of today. You will meet satisfied people with an easy going lifestyle who love their traditional celebrations. Rincon is rich in culture and possesses great natural treasures: also a great place for bird watchers!

The best place to watch Bonaire’s feathered symbol, the flamingo, is at the island’s salt ponds in the National Park, at Goto Lake at the northern side of Bonaire. A visit to Echo Conservation Centre is a must and it only takes you 5 minutes driving from Heritage Design Inn.